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A Message from COPS…

This personal financial diary was planned with the specific intention of giving law enforcement officers, who serve in a high-risk profession, the opportunity to organize their financial business so their families will have this information in an organized fashion should that officer be killed in the line of duty or die at an early age. However, this diary can be used by anyone to organize their personal/financial affairs.

Every day, law enforcement officers tend to tedious paperwork. Writing detailed reports can make the difference in court cases, civil cases, and truly affect the outcome of occurrences in peoples’ lives. Paperwork is a major part of the law enforcement officer’s job. Having worked with thousands of families that have lost officers in the line of duty, it has become apparent to Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. that while law enforcement officers handle paperwork every day on the street, they are extremely lax at handling personal paperwork. You see, each year during National Police Week, a time when the law enforcement profession gathers to honor its fallen, we hear of 20 or more families whose officers forgot to update their beneficiary forms. Imagine finding out after your law enforcement officer spouse has died that you’re not listed as the beneficiary on insurance forms! Imagine finding outthat although you’ve been married to this officer for seven years, the former spouse is still listed as beneficiary!

The Police Officer Assistance Trust has also encountered such situations.  This is a hurt no family should have to suffer. This handbook is designed to address this violation of law enforcement officers’ dependents. The diary also encourages those who take the time to organize their affairs to leave a letter stating why the spouse was not their beneficiary if that was their intent. It will eliminate many family traumas and will help the surviving family understand why the deceased left benefits to various individuals other than the spouse. Take time with your spouse to sit down and complete Your Personal/Financial Diary. It will save you or your survivors many hours searching for legal and financial documents at some time in the future.

If you’re a law enforcement officer, it’s the least you can do for the family that loves and supports you in your profession.  And even if you’re not, this guide is a useful tool for anyone wishing to leave their affairs in order.

Please feel free to download and pass this useful information on to those you care about.  Get your copy here Personal Financial Diary.

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