December 2013

December Newsletter

Thank you to all of the sharpshooters who participated in the Sixth Annual Throwin’ Lead Competition on November 16th.  Congratulations to the winners in all categories.  Your support for this event raised more than $4000.00 towards the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Operation Support Our Wounded Warrior Program.  The match results and photos can be viewed here.  Hope to see all again next year at the range.


THE HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR SURVIVING CHILDREN fundraising began in November and runs through December 23rd.  This is the only time of year when POAT volunteers are in a public setting and have the opportunity to explain what we are about.  Volunteers staff donation tables at various malls to obtain the funds needed to provide the surviving children with the items on their wish lists.  This year, we will purchase gifts for 63 surviving children representing 14 law enforcement agencies.  A large contingent of volunteers is needed to fill all of the vacancies at the various malls. Please do your part by targeting a mall where you would like to assist and contact the coordinator.  Help a few hours and then get your shopping done!

Aventura Mall – Captain Dwight Snyder, ~ (305-792-1893 ), email:
Dadeland Mall – Sergeant Orlando Reyes, ~ (786-873-9000), email:
The Falls – Sergeant David Greenwell ~ (305-877-9955), email:
Shops at Sunset Place – Sergeant Henry Guzman (305-775-1633) ~
Southland Mall – Officer John McLaughlin (786-367-6491), email:

PAYROLL FUNDRAISING DRIVE – During the month of November, we have had POAT representatives addressing roll calls countywide. The purpose of the roll call blitz is twofold; first, to ensure all officers know POAT is a resource for them during times of critical need; second, to remind everyone that POAT’s main source of income is donations from officers through payroll deduction. Many of the recipients of assistance from POAT have volunteered to assist in addressing roll calls and have written testimonials as to how POAT helped them during their time of need. We will randomly incorporate these testimonials in the monthly articles. Remember, POAT truly belongs to the Law Enforcement Community in Miami-Dade County and it is only as strong as the number of people that support it year in and year out. Here is a testimonial from Aventura Officer Elricco Barnes: 

I would like to thank Chuck Duncan and the POAT for their assistance during my time of need.  I remember the day that Chuck came to my department and spoke about the POAT and how we could be part of helping others in the law enforcement community.  I never thought in a million years that I would ever have to call on them for help.

But In October 2011, my wife, Nakia Barnes, was hit by an intoxicated driver while riding her motorcycle.  She was critically injured and suffered a broken ankle and traumatic brain injury that put her in a coma for three months. Being in three different hospitals in four months was a horrible time for us. But the worst was when she was released to go home.  Because of the brain injury, my wife was left disabled at 36.  She was unable to walk or talk.  I was returning to work with no way of being able to afford a nurse to be at home with her while I was away. Finding out that health insurance does not cover home health nursing was devastating.

I contacted Chuck Duncan who came to visit me while I was in the hospital with my wife.  He gave me the reassurance that I needed.  Just having someone to talk to at the time was truly a great help to me.  Thanks to the POAT, they hired a home health nurse who took care of my wife while I was at work and paid for all of the extra physical therapies that were not covered by our insurance after we reached our limit.  Thank God for Chuck Duncan and the POAT because without them, I don’t know what we would have done. Truly a blessing, my wife is able to speak now and is slowly recovering day by day with therapy.  She’s learning to walk again and do all the things for herself that we all take for granted at times.

I will say this, if you never donated for any cause, this is one that I can personally say they do exactly what they say they will do.  Thank You POAT AND Chuck Duncan.

Officer Elricco Barnes
Aventura Police Department

 Thanks for your support and stay safe.

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