Service Legacy Bricks

Law Enforcement Ceremony 2011 (218)

Part of the walkway around the monuments is comprised of Service Legacy Bricks, which honor both sworn and non-sworn personnel who have honorably served and retired (or are soon retiring) from any federal, state, or local law enforcement agency in Miami-Dade County and are vested with their department.  Service Legacy Bricks are red bricks with the retiree’s name, department, year retired, and years of service engraved on it.  For a $50.00 donation, qualified applicants may purchase a brick for the walkway, and for an additional $25.00 donation, a second brick may be purchased as a keepsake along with a nice certificate with the same verbiage as on the brick.
We are now offering a Service Legacy Brick for the canines who have faithfully served our community.

Service Legacy Brick Agreement and Order Form

K9 Service Legacy Brick Order and Agreement Form