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Educational Benefits for Non Line of Duty Survivors

Education is Paramount

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Educational Grants for Surviving Families (Non Line of Duty)

  • Must be the spouse, son, or daughter of a sworn full-time certified law enforcement officer who was employed by a law enforcement agency within the geographical boundaries of Miami-Dade County, Florida at the onset of the illness, injury, or time of death. Law enforcement agencies include federal, state, and local.
  • The student must attend an accredited vocational/technical school, college, or university and have at least a 2.5 GPA.
  • The student shall become and maintain throughout each school term the status of full-time or part-time student. Full-time attendance is considered four or more courses. If attendance is less than full-time, the amount of assistance will be pro-rated based on the number of registered classes.
  • The recipient is eligible for up to $1000 in out-of-pocket expenses only. If the student is receiving grants or awards, only the balance remaining due to the educational institution will be considered for the grant. In addition, POAT will reimburse student for up to $250 per semester in costs incurred for textbooks and other course-related supplies after submitting original receipts for these items.
  • The Educational Committee will review and submit the application for approval to the Board of Directors at their next scheduled meeting. After a determination is made, the Committee will advise the student of its decision in writing.
  • One grant will be provided for up to three semesters per year.
  • Tuition payments from the Trust shall be made directly to the educational institution when applicable. If costs are being covered by a student loan, then POAT will submit payment to the loan provider.
  • First time applicants are required to provide:
    • Completed application
    • Latest transcript
    • Course schedule
    • Statement of charges from the school
  • To continue to receive grants for subsequent semesters, the student must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and submit updated transcript, course schedule, and statement of charges from the school. Applications are only required for the initial request.

Application for Non Line of Duty Survivors

The student must initially complete the Application for Assistance – Non Line of Duty Survivors and submit to the POAT office along with all required documentation

These benefits are only available to the law enforcement community of Miami-Dade County, Florida.

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