Financial Assistance

CollageSince its inception in 1989, POAT has assisted over 800 officers and provided more than $6 million in financial support. Various fundraising events and activities are held throughout the year to raise the funds which support our programs and services. Additional revenue is generated through payroll deduction plans instituted by many law enforcement agencies.

Tragedy and loss led to the creation of POAT. It has flourished due to the generosity and compassion of others and without the funds to perpetuate its programs, POAT would be unable to provide the assistance so many officers need.

The individuals, businesses, and organizations whose contributions have made POAT’s progress possible are greatly appreciated. Our goal is to remain an active and viable charitable organization within the law enforcement community thus living up to our motto… Serving Those Who Serve.

Officers who qualify may request financial assistance for reasons which may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Injured or disabled in the line of duty
  • Assistance with medical expenses not covered by health insurance
  • Disaster relief, such as needed in the aftermath of a hurricane, house fire, etc.
  • Expenses associated with debilitating illnesses that strike officers, their spouses, and or children
  • Assistance to the families of officers killed in the line of duty
  • Other catastrophic circumstances where the officer has no means or remedy

Please contact our office to speak to the Assistance Committee Chairman, Sergeant Kenny Horgan. He will go over the process to request assistance which includes submitting a complete application with the necessary backup documentation. Unless emergency circumstances exist, the applicant’s case will be presented at the next scheduled monthly Board of Directors meeting. The case will be assigned a number and will remain anonymous unless otherwise prohibited by law. Board members will hear a summary of the request and take a vote on how much, if any, assistance will be approved.

POAT is committed to providing financial relief whenever needed. This commitment has created a sense of belonging and the knowledge that all officers are truly members of the law enforcement family.

Download the Application for Benefits – Funeral
Use this form when requesting assistance with funeral expenses only.

Download the Application for Benefits
Use this form to request assistance other than for funeral or educational expenses. 

These benefits are only available to the law enforcement community of Miami-Dade County, Florida.